ERP Compliance

Type   Arrangement
Series   Size
Motor poles   Blade
Motor power [kW]   Motor efficiency class IE
Rotation speed [rpm]   Estimated motor efficiency ɳm [%]

Efficiency information
Efficiency category Fan impeller efficiency ɳv [%] Efficiency target
(ɳ target) [%]
Efficiency grade
Drive arrangment efficiency [%] Specific ratio Matching components Overall efficiency (ɳe) [%] Optimum efficiency grade (N opt.)
Flow q [m3/s] Total pressure pf [mm w.g.] Absorbed power Pe [kW] Rotation speed [rpm]
Reg. 327/2011 not applicable for series K/R - KA/P - KB/P - KC/R - KM/R -FA/R -FC/P-FE/P - FG/P - FI/P - EB.
Reg. 327/2011 not applicable for ATEX fans, fans with operating temperature of gas more than 100 °C and fans used for transport of non-gaseous substance.